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• Only You can Prevent Tooth Loss & Infection & Pain

• Toothaches and Bad Breath are Not Reserved for Humans

• Periodontial Disease (Gum Disease) = Primary Loss of Teeth

• Preventive Treatment Can Save You the Cost of Dental Surgery

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Pet Dental Care - Teeth Cleaing

Your Pets professional dental cleaning starts with a review of your pet’s general health and any previous dental history. The objective of pet dental care is to prevent periodontal disease. We recomment an annual dental (teeth) cleaing assesment for kittens, adult cats, puppies and adult dogs. Do not let your pet suffer from gum infetion or abscessed teeth.

Similar to your mouth, periodontal disease begins in your pets mouth when bacteria in the mouth form a substance called plaque that sticks to the surface of the teeth. Subsequently, minerals in the saliva harden the plaque into dental calculus (tartar), which is firmly attached to the teeth. Tartar above the gum line is obvious to many owners, but is not of itself the cause of disease. As a result, periodontal disease is usually under-treated, and may cause multiple problems in the oral cavity and may be associated with damage to internal organs in some patients as they age.

Call us our vets today with your pet dental care questions. Since 2006 we have provided professional teeth cleaning for hundredes cats and dogs. Regular Dental care prevents serious infection.

Your pet will receive personal attention in a state-of-the-art facility from a team that is genuinely committed to helping your dog and cat live a long and healthy life.


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Our staff includes 3 Vets & 4 Technicians

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I'm Dr. Yoko Tamura and since 2006, your local dog and cat vet located close by in Tarzana, CA.

As the owner of Capri Plaza Pet Clinic, I have a special interest in dog or cat medicine and surgery.

My desire to have a dog and cat veterinarian practive was formed during my high school years when I volunteered at an dog-only veterinary practice, where I fell in love with these furry companions.

I studied Animal Sciences at Cornell University, where I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree and my veterinary degree. Today, I love all animals.

Assisting me in my practive are Mary Jo Howe, DVM, Natasha Wood, DVM and Amy Land, DMV, three higly trained veternarians. We offer a full service day time pet hospital / clinic

My highy trained veternarian staff particularly love assisting is the treatment of kittens and puppies.

Your dog or cat's illness or injury can often become very serious and waiting or delaying treatment may only worsen the condition. You puppy, dog, kiten or cat needs to be taken to a veterinarian who specializes in their treatment.


Our verternarians have more than 12 years of expereince and are here to help your pet.. From the moment you enter the Capri Plaza Pet Clinic, your pet will receive the best possible care in the field of veterinary medicine.

We help you care for your pet by offering quality health services through a responsive, professional team of friendly, knowledgeable, and pet caring individuals.

Allow us to be "The Vet Near You"

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Physical Exams
Parasite Treatment & Prevention
Routine Dentistry
Geriatric Care
Laboratory Services
Ear Infections
Pet Wheezing
Skin Sore Treatment
Bleeding Gums
Overweight Cats & Dogs
Pets not Eating
Vaccinations / Immunizations

Neuter (castration surgery)
Spay Services
(ovariohysterectomy surgery)
High Temperatures
All Pet Injuries
Puppy Shots
Dog Annual Vaccines
Cat Vaccines

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Yoko Tamura, DVM
Mary Jo Howe, DVM
Amy Land, DMV
Natasha Wood, DVM

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19582 Ventura Blvd Tarzana, CA 91356-291


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